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JKOFFIE Alkaline Coffee


Weight loss

Nature’s Viagra

Boost Energy & Brain


cell Detoxification

Improve Mental Health


   One of the essential ingredients contained in BEETROOT that work well on human body is SILICON. It is known that SILICON strengthens the connective tissues (especially the skin), blood vessels walls and bones. With the help of silicon your body can remove toxins (heavy metals such as aluminum) from organism. Silicon is considered to be one of the essential elements for maintaining proper health and healing processes.

   BEETS are strongly effective in breaking up tumors mainly by their excellent amount of betacyanin. BETACYANIN is the main ingredient that causes red beet its purple reddish color. The BETALAINS in beets has been used in certain treatments of depression. It also contains tryptophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of well-being.

Best Morning Coffee

Jkoffie is the first-ever coenzyme alkaline coffee made with beetroot which is effective in fighting cancer, improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure. It helps you maintain a healthy weight. Just natural and pure energy to refresh you daily!

Best in Hot or Cold

   Our best sellers JKOFFIE is developed with organic ingredients to keep you in tip-top shape inside and out. It has Beetroot, Mangostene, Barley, Moringa, Squash, Stevia, Robusta Coffee, Arabica Coffee and non-dairy creamer. 

   Best in Hot or Cold  Whether the weather is hot or rainy, drinking JKoffie is still the best part of your day! Taste the yummy and benefits of Jijan’s first coenzyme alkaline coffee! 

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The Best JKOFFIE Ever

JKOFFIE Alkaline Coffee

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