Full of passion and intuitive are a real electric current. That is why JIJAN need to vibrate on a daily basis and always avoid lukewarm stuff! Not being afraid of nothing. A fighter who can rise mountains with his determination. Having an inner nature that incites taking advantage of the present moment and living life to the fullest. Active, dynamic, fearless and lively with high energy levels and a good ability to recover.

The Management Team had a Vision three years ago, and the result is JIJAN Business Circle International Inc. which started last December 2016. JIJAN is 100% Filipino owned corporate company and manage by experts in the field of Network Marketing, Engineering, IT, Business Administration, and Financial Management.

JIJAN is passionate and determined to pursue the Vision of to be the world-class direct selling company that contributes to a healthy living. Persistent in providing affordable and outstanding health and wellness products to keep us healthy.

JIJAN Business Circle International Inc. is a direct selling company that provides the rising POWER DUO in the market, a combination of BIENZYME (Pro-biotic drink & Live Enzyme) and BIO-DROPS (mineral supplement). The first product in the world with Five (5) different kinds of “HIGHLY TRAINED” beneficial microbes.

Right Products. Right People. Right Team. We are blessed to have these all. Elite Team is our marketing partner in expanding our business. They are reaching many people not only in one area but in every area to manage and taking care of our business partners. Like us, they are passionate in fulfilling our vision which is to contribute to a Healthy Living.

Educational level is not an obstacle to reach their dream. Sabi nga nila “slowly but surely, mararating din natin yan”. At first, they don’t have knowledge in this business because this is their first time in this industry. Through their willingness to learn, time and effort in training. Look at them, they have surpassed and are now our Elite Manager, who is ready to assist you.

Start your business with our loyal and committed team. And with JIJAN, you can take control of your time.