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P 350,000
again and again!

Kailangan na nating mag adjust mabuhay sa new normal. Dapat maging parte ng new normal ang pagkakaroon ng additional na source of income bukod sa isang trabaho lang. Posible yun by starting your own business sa tulong ng JIJAN! Watch the video.

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Why you should join?

FREE MEMBERSHIP – Most direct selling company offer products to become a member. JIJAN International is FREE Membership, you can register even without purchasing anything. You can use our services for free to generate income and purchase discounted products. Upgrade only when your business grows.

E-COMMERCE – you can transact business online, no need to go to office to purchase products. It can save your time and money.

EASY TO USE – No complicated steps, no confusing features, online anywhere ,anytime.

QUALITY PRODUCTS – We provide good quality and affordable products to make us healthy. Our flagship products is unique.

ONE STOP SHOP – We have e-negosyo compose of Travel Booking business(you can search the cheapest rate), Bills payment, BuyLoad and health and wellness products.

DIRECT SELLING INCOME – We’re giving discounts up to 50% to members. You can enjoy our rebates, direct referral, sales override and JIJAN Reward system. 

JIJAN REWARD SYSTEM – JIJAN Reward System is our program to reward our leader, who will leverage and build a team. No limit, No flush-out, No quota, No pressure is doing this business.

how you will earn?


       – 20% discounts on Retail products

       – Buy 1 Take 1 every 1st to 7th day of the month

       – Promos

       – Discounted Package


       – Referral fee for every jijan package sold


       – Sales override for every purchase of referred stockiest.

       – Sales override for using bills payment or buyload of your direct downline. 

       – You have rebates for buying personal load


       – Commission for travel business is available for our Members who purchase Emerald Package or Starter Package or Premium Package.


       – Our platform to reward our leaders & members

how does JIJAN Reward System works?


-Fill up the two vacant slots by referring 2 people to buy beryl package or emerald package.

-When two vacant slots were filled up. You will receive a bonus of P1,000

-You will cycle out, and follow your leader.

Note: Because of the “Follow the leader system” you have a chance to earn even in your one leg account. But of course, you will have a fast pairing in more direct because you will have more followers


-Leadership Rank is a milestone of a JIJAN Leader

-You will have a Local Travel incentives if your rank is EXECUTIVE. How? If you have 2 direct downline who cycled out in Premium Board

-International Travel is the incentive of a PRESIDENTIAL Rank. If you have 2 direct downline who cycled out in Executive Board.

-Car Incentive plus 2% Residual Income of your monthly group sales is waiting in AMBASSADOR Rank, just make sure that you have 5 direct downline who cycled out in Presidential Board. 

Note: you will enter a Pooling system once you and your direct downline is AMBASSADOR Rank. Not only that, You have a chance to Earn P350,0000 again and again. Please watch the video above.


-Unilevel Bonus has NO maintenance. You can build 1 leg or more, as long as your team or group is purchasing or patronizing our products monthly. If you are a reseller, unilevel bonus is for you. 

Example: you have 5 direct downline and they duplicate with 5. The system will read your unilevel point value up to level 8 using the dynamic compression. 


-We have requirements in Matching Bonus.

-First, you should have 5 direct downline and at least three(3) of them are “maintained” with 60pts like you.

-If qualified,  100% of unilevel bonus of your DIRECT DOWNLINE(“Maintained”) will be matched to you.


-You are qualified in Upline Matching Bonus if you purchased Emerald Package and have monthly maintenance of 60pts.

-If qualified, the 100% matching bonus of your  DIRECT UPLINE will be divided to their qualified direct downlines.

What do we offer?

Dahil FREE Membership tayo sa JIJAN, pede kang maging member kahit wala ka pang binibili. At kapag verified na ang account mo, pde mo ng simulan ang Bills payment and Buyload Business mo. Sa kada Buyload mo ay meron kang 1% rebates, ganun din sa bawat gamit ng direct downline mo, ay nagkakaron ka naman sa sales override sa kanila. For more details click this link http://blog.jijaninternational.com/jijan-enegosyo/
Maari ka din mag simula mag benta ng ating mga products at upto 50% ang discount mo dahil sa ating Buy 1 Take 1.  
Meron ka namang Direct Referral kung ang maibebenta mo ay ang JIJAN Package. At kapag kumikita ka na or kung may puhunan ka, I recommend na magsimula ka na sa package dahil iba pa din ang benepisyo dito.
Ang lahat ng products natin ay may points, kaya naman kada “Add to cart” mo at ng team mo, ay meron kang Unilevel Bonus kada buwan. Kung magkakaron ka ng 5 direct downline, at atleast 3 sa kanila ay katulad mo na may minimum 60pts. Ano man ang maging unilevel nila, ay ima-match naman sayo ang kita nila.
(watch the video above)

Kasama ang lahat ng nabanggit sa free membership, qualified ka naman sa Pairing Bonus kapag Beryl Package ang iyong binili. P1,000 ang kada pairing.

Sa tuwing ika-6 na bili mo ng Beryl Package, magkakaron ka ng free slot sa Premium Board (Leadership Rank). Please watch the video above.

May 60pts ang beryl kaya pasok din ito sa Unilevel Bonus. Ganun din sa Matching Bonus basta na meet mo ang requirements nito.

Ang pinagkaiba lang ng Diamond Package ay ang bilis nag pagkakaron ng free slots sa premium board.

Dahil sa ika-2 bili mo palang ng Diamond Package ay magkakaron ka na agad ng free slot sa premium board.

Start your business in this package!

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e-Loading System

Direct Selling

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JIJAN Reward System



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